A framework for creating modular analogue-modelling polyphonic synthesizers

Polyphonic Synthesizer

Polyphonic Synthesizer

A highly optimised modular synthesis engine allowing construction of sounds in a manner similar to analogue subtractive synthesis, but allowing much more flexibility.

Like analogue synths, any module output may feed into the input of any other, however, the architecture of the engine ensures that only those modules whose output is needed are actually processed. This, among many other optimisations makes the synthesis engine very efficient, which in turn allows several copies of the synth to be processed in parallel, acting as voices of a polyphonic synth. This, of course is optional, so you can always switch back to a classic monosynth sound.

Modules currently developed include:

  • 2 pole lowpass filter
  • Delay/echo
  • Sine/Saw/Square/Tri waves
  • Envelopes
  • VCAs


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