Intuitive web frontend and Perl backend for visualisation and extrapolation of finances based on current circumstances and simple predictions of future events allowing varying levels of certainty.



When the page is loaded, a simulation of a financial scenario is run. The scenario consists of a series of events, both one-off and recurring that affect balances according to calculations. As the simulation is run, other events record the values of various balances, which are then displayed.


Please note: This is not designed to work in Internet Explorer. It is best viewed in Chrome, but should also work well in Firefox and Safari. An interface to edit the scenario being modelled is currently being developed, however the values being used in the calculations can be updated. To do so, simply click the value to be edited, change its value and either select save or press enter. The scenario will the be remodelled and the graph updated automatically

Also be careful to include '%' when entering percentages as '5%' is equivalent to '.05'.

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